Who is Eboni Nichols, the partner of Queen Latifah?

For the first time, paps snapped Queen Latifah as she engaged in a shopping trip with her son. The adorable photoshoot certainly got fans talking, with many wanting to know more about her personal life, including her partner.

Queen Latifah stars in ‘The Equalizer’

Queen Latifah is a woman of many talents, from rapping to acting. Not only did she help create and produce the popular CBS drama series The Equalizer, but she also stars in it. She plays Robyn McCall, a single mother who lives in NYC with her daughter, Delilah (Laya DeLeon Hayes). But McCall isn’t your typical Mom. She has a mysterious past and skillset that she uses to help those in need.

The series quickly became popular as fans tuned in each week to watch as McCall works to defend the unprotected while also seeking to redeem herself. Now, after two seasons, Queen Latifah is back for a third. And judging by its ratings, fans are loving every minute of it.

Who is Queen Latifah?

Born Dana Elaine Owens, Queen Latifah is a rapper, singer, actress — and not to mention, one of the most recognized entertainers in the world. 

She got her start in music as a beatboxer for the hip-hop trio Ladies Fresh. And in 1990, she released her debut solo album All Hail the Queen, which featured the hit single “Latifah’s Theme,” helping to catapult her further into success. 

Since then, Queen Latifah has starred in a number of TV shows and films such as Set It OffBringing Down the HouseBeauty Shop, and of course, Living Single

What to know about Eboni Nichols

Queen Latifah is known for her calm, cool, and collected spirit. And she attributes much of her positivity to her partner, Eboni Nichols.

Even though Queen Latifah plays a dynamic character on TV, she’s pretty reserved when it comes to her personal life. Still, every once in a while she shares little tidbits about her life with fans, including her partner, Eboni Nichols. Here is what we know about Queen Latifah’s partner, Eboni Nichols:

1. She shares a son with Queen Latifah

In 2018, Eboni Nichols was spotted walking around town sporting an adorable baby bump. And in true social media fashion, rumors quickly began to circulate that she and Queen Latifah were expecting.

Still, no announcement was made. And the couple have been pretty hush-hush about it all since then.

In 2019, BET awarded Queen Latifah the Lifetime Achievement Award. To close her acceptance speech, she placed her hand over her heart, saying “Eboni, my love; Rebel, my love” in a nod to her partner and son.

And recently, paparazzi snapped Queen Latifah with her young son for the first time as they shopped around Los Angeles together.

2. She's a dancer

Even though Eboni Nichols calls California home, she has visited a number of destinations all around the world. This is because Nichols is a trained dancer. She started dancing at just 8 years old, later attending Chapman University where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Theater and Dance.

She gained years of real-world experience as she applied her knowledge on and off the stage. As a result of her hard work, Eboni Nichols became a member of the Los Angeles Lakers Girls. And later, she began traveling the world, performing with big-name artists including Beyonce, Rihanna, and Aaliyah.

3. Her work is on TV

Aside from dancing, Eboni Nichols has a successful career in television as well. She choreographed all five seasons of the CW show Jane the Virgin. The drama series earned a sizeable fanbase, and would go on to earn a number of awards, including the People’s Choice award for “Favorite New TV Comedy” and the Imagen award for the “Best Primetime Television Program – Comedy.”

But they aren’t the only ones who recognized her skill. Her work can be found in a number of commercials for major companies, including the BET Awards, Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Good Morning America, and Jimmy Kimmel Live!

4. She gives back

Eboni Nichols spurned a love for dancing at a young age. And that love would follow her throughout her childhood into the current day.

But even though Nichols wears many hats, she still finds the time to help others. In 2014, she was welcomed as a member of the Television Academy’s Board of Governors where she earned the title of Co-Governor of the Choreography Peer Group.

As a master at what she does, Nichols uses her knowledge and experience to mentor aspiring dancers. Dedicated to giving back to the community, she helps those looking to break into the industry accomplish their dreams.