Tuesday night’s episode of the ABC musical drama Queens pulled no punches when it came to the fate of Brianna (played Eve).

While viewers were led to believe that Brianna died after being shot by Jill’s (Naturi Naughton) ex-husband Darren (Emerson Brooks), it was eventually revealed that she was alive. As it turns out, Briana faked her death and fled to Piedras Blancas.

In an interview with Deadline, show creator Zahir McGhee discussed Brianna’s fate, the appearance of Remy Ma as Lady Z and the possibility of Eve returning.

As we previously reported, Eve stepped away from Queens in the wake of her pregnancy and her return to the role of Brianna is up in the air if the show returns for season 2.

She had an open-ended exit written should she return.

“When Eve told me she was pregnant, we were extremely happy for her,” said McGhee. “I had just had a baby myself. I didn’t know what she planned for the show, but instinctively I asked if she wanted Brianna to be pregnant. That’s when she told me she didn’t and that she had a date set to leave, she said. “The cast and crew wanted to give her the space to enjoy this incredible time. We will continue to build the story as people will see in episode 9 and she will remain present in the minds of our characters. Since the beginning, she’s been Queens’ third partner and she’s in this for as long as she wants to be in it.”

McGhee also discussed the appearance of rapper Remy Ma in the role of Lady Z, a former emcee who was pushed out of the music industry due to its toxic nature.

“Lady Z isn’t the last one. I’ll say that,” she said. “This is going to be a thing and it’s not always going to be in the hip hop genre. They want to help women who have been marginalized because of their age or many other reasons, the way they helped themselves.”

He also talked about what to expect in the next episode, revealing how it will tackle the male-dominated nature of the music industry and how it treats women.

“Coming up in episode 10, we explore how male-dominated the music industry really is. There are so many stories out there about how young women are treated like products by older men,” she said. “So we’re tackling Lady Z’s story about how she was driven out of the industry and sexual assault in the music business in a very powerful way.”