Rachel Lindsay appeared on The View Wednesday and she elaborated more on the aftermath of her interview with The Bachelor franchise host, Chris Harrison.

Lindsay, the first Black Bachelorette, appeared on The View to discuss her new book, Miss Me With That. During her appearance, Lindsay opened up about the death threats she received after interviewing Harrison and shared that she suffered from PTSD due to the trauma of the aftermath.

Harrison was out in the hot seat after defending The Bachelor‘s eventual winner, Rachael Kirkconnell who had her questionable past when it comes to race resurfaced.

“I was asking the most relevant question that related to the franchise at that time,” Lindsay shared on 'The View.' “I would’ve asked anyone from the franchise who sat in that seat.”

“I was being personally attacked for doing my job,” Lindsay continued, as reported by Decider. “I got death threats for months. People wished that I was infertile. People told me they were going to get me. All these things that were happening to me, all because I asked a question. I got blamed for his actions.”

She also added that her love for the franchise made things worse.

‘It’s so traumatizing, because although I call out the Bachelor franchise and champion it for change, it did change my life, and I want to support it,” she added. “But I can’t support it in the same way after that, when the audience is so toxic.”

Lindsay was intent on interviewing Harrison was to perform her job and ask the relevant questions any competent journalist would.

Watch the interview below: