According to Box Office Mojo, The Weinstein Company has moved up the release date for Fruitvale Station by 2 weeks, from the previously-announced July 26 to July 12. 

This is the second shift, because you might recall that it was original set to debut on October 18, before TWC moved it up by about 3 months, to July 26.

No word on the reason for the movie. 

It has more competition on the July 12 date (Grown Ups 2, Pacific Rim, and 4 other indie films scheduled for release that weekend) than it did on the July 26 date (The Wolverine, and 1 indie), so it’s an interesting move – on that I’m sure TWC has very good reasons for making.

And secondly, Sony/Screen Gems has moved the release date for Think Like a Man Too from its previously-set May 302014 date, to June 20, 2014. With the summer of 2014 still over a year away, it’s too soon to speculate on the reasons for the move, since so many other release dates haven’t been set yet, and a lot of shifting will likely occur between now and then.