nullTambay has been covering Milestone Films' heralded effort to raise funds to restore pioneering filmmaker Shirley Clarke's groundbreaking 1967 documentary, Portrait of Jason, which chronicles the life of a gay black man – Jason Holliday (real name Aaron Payne) – HERE.

Having seen the film many years ago, I can attest that it's a remarkable and honest film that is never less than compelling.

Fortunately, Milestone's fundraising efforts were successful and they completed the restoration work on Clarke's film, and announced that news would be coming soon about an eventual release.

Now Milestone has just announced that the restored Portrait of Jason will make its world premiere at the 63rd Internationale Filmfestspiele Berlin  or (in plain English) the 63rd annual Berlin International Film Festival and European Film Market tomorrow on Weds Feb. 13th.

After that, the film will have its U.S. premiere in New York in April at the IFC Center. And after that, it will have other U.S. openings in other cities, before an eventual DVD release.