The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burrus has maintained a successful career in the entertainment business for decades. Burrus is a member of the hit group Xscape, an award-winning songwriter penning songs like “No Scrubs,” and an owner of several businesses – with hit products from her adult toy line Bedroom Kandi, and several restaurants with her husband Todd Tucker. Hands down, Burrus is a housewife who knows how to secure the bag and stay relevant. Among accomplishing all these things, Burruss is the longest consecutive cast member on the Bravo reality series. She’s showcased her whole life on TV but to some, it’s been lackluster lately. Fans and castmates are now saying that Burrus is boring and she is not happy about the comments.

Marlo Hampton calls out Burruss

Burrus is being called out by new peach holder Marlo Hampton, who has had a lot to say about Burruss during the current season, even referring to her as a garden tool. During a recent appearance on Reality With the King podcast, Hampton told former Housewives producer Carlos King that Burruss has been “coasting” for a while on the show and that she wanted to make Burruss work for her check. Hampton even went on to say that Burrus doesn’t do enough for the Black culture.

Burruss responds to fans and Hampton

Urban Belle Mag reports that Burruss recently chatted with Ryan Cameron on 107.5 radio and said she’s damned if she does or doesn’t on the show. For starters, Burruss is furious that Hampton has so much to say about her, especially since she was one of the ones that advocated for Hampton to become a full-time cast member.

In regards to her being labeled boring, she said, “I totally feel you and I understand you on that. Here’s my other opposite to that, right? People say they don’t wanna see all the arguing and all of that, right? Which that can be a bit much but the shows that don’t really have any drama or anything like that people wanna say you’re boring.”

She added: “I know particularly even with myself like right now I know somebody was saying oh, they felt like they had to make me work. I ain’t even gonna say who it was. But because they feel like I’m not really being in the drama as much or I’m “boring” but people relate, ‘Oh you don’t have a lot of craziness happening in your life or you don’t really have a lot of drama happening in your life,’ to all of a sudden now you’re boring.”

“But say for instance when I had a lot of family turmoil or my relationship was going crazy, I lost somebody that was close to me and stuff like that, then it’s, ‘Oh, we love you,’ then. But if things are going well, business is going well it’s, ‘All she does is talk about her business.’ So it’s like you can’t win for losing.”