Kandi Burrus has had her share of drama on the current season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta with Marlo Hampton and now Sheree Whitfield. The Kandi & the Gang star reportedly let them both have it at the upcoming reunion special. She addressed the reunion drama in a recent episode of her YouTube series Speak On It, and confirms the longstanding rumor that she had a falling out with former RHOA producer, Carlos King.

Burruss reportedly goes off on Hampton and Whitfield at the reunion

It is rumored that Burrus goes at it with Hampton and Whitfield at the forthcoming reunion. But it’s the back and forth between her and Whitfield that insiders say is the most shocking, and can have a lasting impact. Burruss is said to be fuming over Whitfield consigning many of Hampton’s digs at Burruss’ marriage business and family life.

Burruss says there is no contact between her and King

After the explosive season 9 reunion of Phaedra Parks’ reveal that she was behind the rumor of Burruss wanting to drug and sexually take advantage of Porsha Williams, King exited the show.

Up until now, both have been generally quiet about the aftermath. But when a fan asked Burruss what the status of her relationship is with King, she let it be known it’s nonexistent.

"There is no relationship Chile...we don't have a relationship no more. No," Burruss said of King

Burruss may also be upset over King agreeing with Hampton that she floats through the season and doesn’t work for her peach. In response to Burruss being viewed as boring, she told fans:

“First of all, I’m being me, okay? I’m not giving you no fake drama, I’m not giving you no fake stories, I’m not coming at people with the fake ********. So what you get on the show is me. I’m being myself. Now if I’ve not been in enough mess for you that’s because ain’t enough mess coming at me I guess. I’m not really a person who starts drama with other people. I handle drama when it comes to me.”

Burruss added: “People say they don’t like all the messiness and cattiness and all that stuff, but if you’re not being messy or catty, then they say, ‘Oh, you’re not working for your peach,’ which makes no sense. I’m just gon be me and I’m just gon do me and that’s all I can do.”

Watch the latest Speak On It below: