Fans are not happy with Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burrus after her mother Mama Joyce’s latest comments about her husband Todd Tucker. Mama Joyce’s disappointment with Burruss choosing Tucker as her husband is no surprise as she feels Burruss should have married a man of similar financial status at the time of their union. But after nearly a decade of marriage and two children together and multiple shared businesses, fans believe Tucker has more than proved himself as a husband, father, and businessman.

During BravoCon 2022, Joyce shocked fans when she bashed Tucker yet again. Fans say it’s time for Burruss to set stronger boundaries instead of brushing off her mother’s comments.

What Mama Joyce said this time about Todd Tucker

During a panel alongside her two sisters Nora and Bertha known as the Old Lady Gang, Mama Joyce was asked who she’d replace Tucker with for a husband for her daughter.

"If I would replace Todd, I probably would've picked anyone that had a decent job," she told the audience and panel moderator.

She continued, “What I’m saying is maybe someone who was in the same business that was in the financial realm that she was in.”

When Burruss met Tucker, he was working as a supervising line producer on the show. He quit the job in order to maintain a relationship with Burruss and has since started his own production company.

Fans are calling out Kandi Burrus

Mama Joyce’s comments aren’t new. She’s gone to extreme lengths to try and separate the two, including leaking rumors about him having affairs, even with Burruss’ friends. Fans say enough is enough and it’s time for Burruss to act.