The Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kandi Burruss has not been feeling the conversations her fellow housewives have been having behind her back, namely Marlo Hampton and Sheree Whitfield. Hampton called Burruss promiscuous says she doesn’t do enough charity work, while also talking about her marriage to Whitfield. On more than one occasion, Hampton has been accusing Burruss of taking care of Todd Tucker, with Whitfield in agreeance. Burruss is shooting back at both women.

After watching the latest episode of the show, Burruss has some questions about Whitfield’s finances and how she’s been able to keep up such a fabulous lifestyle years after not being a figure on the show. She even questions if Whitfield’s ex Tyrone Gilliams paid for her gorgeous home.

During her recent YouTube show, 'Speak on It,' Burruss recapped the latest episode of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' and raised some questions about Whitfield.

In one scene, Whitfield mentions that it costs her about $40,000 to decorate her living room, noting that just one of her chandeliers cost 10,000. Burruss wants to know where the money to fund such came from.

"Sherre wasn't on our show for a lot of seasons so I hate to ask this question, but I gotta ask when she starts talking about all the money that she paid for the $10,000 chandelier, the $7,000...was this Tyrone paying for all of this?" Burruss asked.

She continued: “Where did the money come from to pay for all of these things? Was it a secret boo that we don’t know about? Cause she said she was holding on for Tyrone the whole time she was getting her house done.”

Burruss went on to say how fabulous the house is with all the “bells and whistles.” She added,”I’m just speaking for the people cause the people to want to know.”

Watch the video below: