Season 14 of The Real Housewives of Atlanta has been an explosive one, with much of the drama centering on the longtime friend of the show turned housewife, Marlo Hampton. Hampton and Kenya Moore started off friendly this season, but after being on the receiving end of Hampton’s low blows during their verbal spats, Moore opted to distance herself from Hampton for good. After watching the season back, Moore says Hampton doesn’t deserve to be on the show. She also says Hampton uses her dysfunctional family life for a storyline and it’s falling flat.

Some fans believe Hampton's tears at the reunion regarding her difficult upbringing and wanting to be loved from her mother were solely to gain sympathy and have viewers forget her vicious comments made during arguments with her co-stars.

Moore agrees and even feels Hampton’s whole storyline is a scheme.

She tweeted: “I actually feel bad for the family to be used that way” when a fan tweeted “Marlo crying about her mom but throws it in Kenya’s face that she doesn’t have a mother. Kenya probably gives no f’s about Marlo’s tears,” Reality Blurb reports.

Moore thinks Hampton should be off the show

Moore doesn’t believe Hampton should be allowed back for another season because of an action One fan tweeted sentiments that finding empathy for Hampton is not easy because of her current actions.

“It’s hard to paint Marlo with a victim brush when she has shown zero growth with her nasty behavior. It’s below the belt —> apologize —> gaslight —> nasty shade then the cycle repeats itself. It’s exhausting. She needs therapy and a new friend group!” the fan wrote.

Hampton responded in her own tweet. “And a new show.”