Fans of The Real Housewives of Atlanta are calling out Marlo Hampton on social media about the way she’s raising her nephews.

Hampton has had full custody of her two teenage nephews William and Michael for three years. In the latest episode, she announced to the rest of the group that she kicked her nephews out over their alleged bad behavior. Fans are saying that Hampton is exploiting them and can’t believe she would put them out considering their difficult upbringing.

Hampton puts her nephews out the house

In the latest episode, Hampton went shopping for furniture, where she told Sheree Whitfield and Sanya Richards-Ross that she kicked the boys out for 30 days. The boys were sent to live with her younger sister. Hampton claims she put the children out because of their bad behavior. The boys haven’t been listening, cleaning up, and allegedly stole the laptop back that she took from them. She says she’s spoiled them, and they are ungrateful. She simply says she needs a break and even suggests therapy. Hampton believes they are acting out since their last phone call with their mom that went south.

Some fans are outraged

The boys began living with Hampton due to her sister’s mental health issues. Her sister is currently incarcerated. Some fans think Hampton is exploiting the boys and using them as a storyline, and don’t agree with how much she’s exposing on the show. Fans took to social media to slam Hampton.

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