When fans of the Real Housewives of Atlanta learned that Marlo Hampton was raising her two nephews, they praised the fashionista star for giving her nephews a chance at a stable life. After running into some issue with the teenage boys’ behavior, Hampton sent the boys to live with her other sister for 30 days. Fans and fellow housewives were shocked, but she stood firm in her choice. Now, Hampton is giving fans an update.

Hampton seemed to jump right into mommy mode to take care of her nephews while her sister is in jail.

But things got tough and Hampton couldn’t seem to handle the boys’ behavior, noting they have become spoiled and lazy. She feels as if she’s failing them. Hampton also says the boys have been acting up in school and being disrespectful. As a result, she sent them to live with her younger sister for a while, claiming she need a break from the boys.

An update on muntie life

After being blasted by fans and her co-stars, Hampton recently gave fans a little update on how things are going on Instagram.

The video showed the three in the car singing songs while enjoying a ride together. “The boys and I took a little road trip last week to zen out before going back to school,” she captioned the video in part, adding that she’s “praying for good grades and behavior.”

It seems as if they are back and all is well.