The Real Housewives of Atlanta alum Nene Leakes may no longer be part of the cast but that doesn’t mean she’s not watching. Leakes agrees with some fan sentiments that the show’s 13th season was lackluster and thinks a massive cast shakeup needs to happen. 

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In a recent interview with The Jasmine Brand, Leakes says the first thing she suggests is getting rid of her former BFF, Cynthia Bailey.

“And there’s no shade! I mean I think that, you know, the moment you say that people take it for shade,” she continued. “I don’t think she should be there, that’s just my opinion and I think she’ll be a good friend to the show and I think that she will come up with an excuse like ‘I live in L.A. now’ or something like that. So she can ‘and that’s why I decided to not do the show’ but [Bravo] decided they don’t want you on the show. But I get it. I just don’t think that she has brought anything to the show in the last few years.”

Bailey isn’t the only person Leakes isn’t a fan of. She also tells The Jasmine Brand that she doesn’t think much of any of her former co-star’s, noting, “I don’t have any love for them at all but they are an extreme [cast].”

“They start a lot of trouble for no reason and that will be Kenya [Moore]. And so if I had to pick anybody [to return] I would say Kenya and Porsha,” she says. “Kenya because she is a complete trouble maker and that’s how she lives her life.”

Leakes also weighed in on Porsha’s upcoming spinoff. “I think is a bit of a mistake. Not a mistake of her having a spin-off, no, I’m okay with that. But I feel like the story was so big in the press and then the blogs. It went viral! I feel like they should have saved it for The Real Housewives because it seemed like it needed some help. So that would have been a great story [line] over there and I’m sure they still will tell some of that story, but I think if I was producing I would have left all of it for [The Real Housewives Of Atlanta] so people could tune [in] since the ratings were dropping.”

Leakes is currently not rumored to return to the show, but fellow RHOA OG Sheree Whitfield has the rumor mill churning out consistently that she’s in talks to come back.