In this season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, Sheree Whitfield has let fans inside of the relationship with her formerly incarcerated beau, Tyrone Gilliams. After dating on and off for years, even as Gilliams served time in prison, fans now get to see Whitfield deal with a breakup after Gilliams stood her up on a date scene that was set to be filmed. On the July 10 episode, Whitfield breaks down unlike ever before.

Sheree Whitfield's relationship troubles go public

After Gilliams stood up Whitfield on a date they were having in Philadelphia, the OG housewife found out why Gilliams pulled a missing in action via the press. Producers told her that it a parole violation if he filmed, which Whitfield called B.S. on.

She learned of additional drama while appearing on her daughter’s podcast. The press had learned that Whitfield blocked Gilliams and they were no longer speaking. She blames Gilliams for leaking the information to the public.

Sheree's party goes left

While at the party Kenya Moore drank too much which caused her some issues with Marlo Hampton. The two still had issues from Drews Sidora’s workout event. Hampton told to the ladies that she had kicked her nephews out because they weren’t listening and were destroying her home. Hampton’s nephews are now living with her sister. Burruss was in shock, but Hampton said she is protecting her mental health. Fatum Alford and Sidora got into an argument where Sidora told Alford to mind her own business.

OG Lisa Wu, who also attended, wasn’t left out of the drama and got into it with Sanya Richards-Ross.

Sheree breaks down

Whitfield’s friend Fatum came over for wine, cheese and pastries. They sipped champagne and Whitfield broke down after Fatum asked how she feels about the relationship.

"It has me questioning did you ever really love me," Whitfield said. "How can you love me and do the things you're doing?...I feel stupid. I feel crazy. I feel duped. I feel like the people he stole the money from. He robbed me emotionally."

She also admitted she felt embarassed and that she lowered her standards for someone like Gilliams. Regardless, Whitfield makes it clear that she’s ready to move on without him.

Friends unite to celebrate Sheree

Later in the episode, Whitfield throws a lavish sleepover with her girls to start the healing process. All the ladies wear shades of nude, as Whitfield says the color represents being stripped and vulnerable.