Kandi Burruss’ long-awaited The Real Housewives of Atlanta spinoff has arrived. The show centers on Burruss’ Old Lady Gang restaurant and her staff.

Something that has fans talking is that Burruss’ former RHOA co-star Nene Leakes‘ response to a tweet regarding the show.

A tweet on social media was posted about 'Kandi & The Gang's' ratings

Fans think Leakes may have shaded Burruss' show

On Tuesday, Mar. 8, fans noticed Leakes responded to a shady quote tweet about the Kandi & the Gang‘s debut ratings.

The post spoke to the series premiere’s low ratings, pulling in just under half a million viewers. It was shared with Leakes’ iconic quote, “You can never win when you play DIRTY. Stay woke!” Leakes told former co-star Phaedra Parks such during the Season 6 reunion special after she alleged that Parks’ tried to bring her family on the show in order to expose Leakes’ failed relationship with her family. 


Leakes' responded to a tweet under this, thanking fans for support.

One fan tweeted: “I refuse to watch, for so many reasons. And I’ve always believed Nene, she is missed.”

Leakes responded, “Thank you.”

It’s unsure if Leakes intended to respond to this tweet and particular about the ratings or if she just wanted to thank a fan for their support.