Candiace Dillard Bassett has been making headlines for The Real Housewives of Potomac since she became a cast member in Season 3.

Dillard Bassett has also been called out for her verbal lashings against her co-stars. Despite such, it’s widely accepted that controversy makes the best housewives. But amid social media photos of cast members filming the upcoming season that do not show Dillard in them, many assumed she was fired.

Now, the “Drive Back” singer is setting the record straight. 

A blog claimed that the reality star didn’t get her contract renewed

Gossip blog Bravo And Cocktails recently reported that the RHOP star did not get her contract renewed for Season 7. 

“This problematic east coast housewife who has been on the show for a few seasons now is rumored not to be getting her contract renewed for the new season,” their source alleged. “With filming slated to begin within the next month or so, producers have finally recognized that the trouble she has caused/has gotten herself into has not been a good look for the overall franchise.”

They added: “Along with the added pressure from many opinionated fans calling for her termination, the clear as day fact that she will never own up to her share of mistakes, and the high probability that she will continue to cause and get into more unnecessary trouble. It is said that producers and the network are already looking for her replacement and are already toying with some ideas, including testing the waters of some new women recommended by the current/already returning cast and the promotion of the “friend of” from last season.”

She wouldn’t be the first to be demoted as a “friend” to the show. Katie Rost and Charisse Jackson Jordan, both of whom were on the inaugural season, returned in a friend status.

Candiace Dillard Bassett speaks out on claims she’s been fired from the show

Dillard Bassett caught wind of the conversation and took to Twitter to give her side. She hints that it’s just hearsay but doesn’t confirm or deny whether she’s returning or not. “Wow. I was trending? You all really want me to be that girl, don’t you?” she wrote in one Tweet.

She posted that tweet on Instagram, adding, "'That girl' as in the one you keep trying to make me. 'The One.' 'The Threat.' That’s not me, girls. Stop trying to make fetch happen. It’s not going to happen.”


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Dillard Bassett has remained a trending topic in recent months. She’s been speaking out about her disapproval of the ways he says she’s been ostracized for her behavior on the Bravo franchise, while others on shows with a predominately white cast have been applauded.