Candiace Dillard Bassett and her tears made it known during part one of the Season 6 Real Housewives of Potomac reunion that the relationship between her mother and husband remains estranged. Dillard’s mother Dorothy has always been wary of her son-in-law Chris. Dorothy doesn’t believe that Chris is financially equipped to take care of her daughter. Considering she once paid ⅓ of the mortgage of the home that Chris and Dillard lived in, it’s easy to understand why. 

And after Dorothy accused Chris of quitting his job to manage his wife’s new singing and acting career, Dorothy was even more convinced that Chris, a trained chef, is riding her daughter’s coattails. But according to Dorothy, things between Chris and her are good…sort of.

Candiace Dillard Bassett cries over her mama and husband’s drama

Dillard broke down several times at the reunion over the state of her family’s estrangement. She says her mom and husband aren’t currently speaking.

“He’s really hurt,” Dillard said. “And as a wife, I don’t ever want to see my husband hurt, but especially not by my mom. It’s really hard, like, I cussed my mom out in a way that I shouldn’t have.” 

Dillard also says that her mother’s antics have negatively affected her relationship with her in-laws. “My in-laws watch the show and I’m going to be with my family and I feel like I don’t belong there because my mom insulted my husband,” Dillard added. “I don’t know what to do, like, I don’t know how to fix it.” 

Regardless, Dillard says her mother defends her actions. She doesn’t foresee any resolution any time soon.

Dorothy throws more shade

Twitter fans wanted to know where things stand between Dorothy and Chris. She says they are okay, but that didn’t stop her from taking a dig at Chris’ career along the way. “Chris and I are fine. Thank you,” she Tweeted a fan asking how her and Chris’ relationship is. Dorothy added: “He is looking for a job.”

We see where Dillard gets those daggers she’s infamous for throwing from. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree. 

Previews for part three of the reunion show Andy Cohen speaking with Dorothy on the phone about whether or not she’s apologized to Chris for her remarks. Chris, with a drink in his hand, tells Cohen to hang up.