Candiace Dillard Bassett has Twitter in shambles once again. The “Drive Back” singer is notorious for having a flip mouth and going off the rails every week on The Real Housewives of Potomac but after Oct. 31 episode and a comment she made about Ashley Darby’s husband Michael, not only are people upset, but also confused.

It’s no secret that Dillard Bassett is no fan of the Darbys and vice versa. But this season, Chris Bassett, her husband, has tried to play mediator between his wife and her co-stars. He’s also tried cleaning up some of the mess that her shady and oftentimes brash comments have caused. 

During the Season 5 finale, Michael and Chris got into a major blowup, nearly coming to blows. It started after Michael confronted Chris, telling him to “control” his wife. The two haven’t been in the same room since. But Chris has expressed a desire all season to put the incident behind them and move forward in peace.

Michael has expressed hesitation, but agreed to talk with Chris during Karen Huger’s 25th-anniversary vow renewal party.

Juan Dixon, Robyn Dixon’s ex-husband and now-fiance, played mediator. After Chris apologized and Michael felt the apology wasn’t true, Dillard Bassett interjected and excused herself from the table, noting that Michael’s behavior was the “whitest privilege” she’s ever experienced.

Michael was annoyed by the comment, asking, “How far will this woman go?” Chris and Michael did eventually call a truce, vowing to now disrespect one another’s wives. But the drama continued when Bassett, who is also white, confronted his wife about the comment. Dillard Bassett refused to back down, causing more tension between her and her husband. She eventually walked away from the conversation altogether.

Some on social media were confused by Dillard Bassett’s remarks, not only calling her out for hypocrisy, but they also are reminding her that her husband is also white.

Check out some of the reactions below:

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