Fans of The Real Housewives of Potomac jumped for joy while watching Candiace Dillard Bassett and Mia Thornton make amends. After bickering for the better half of the season, the two had a tearful moment in which both offered apologies and accountability for their part in their ongoing and vicious feud. 

issues between Thornton and Dillard began after Thornton threw shade at Dillard's music video production.

The season 6 newbie told Dillard that the production was both unorganized and “low-budget.” Dillard snapped back, telling Thornton, “Your mama’s low budget.” Dillard’s snarky comment was a triggering moment for Thornton.

Thornton has been open this season about her mother’s past struggles – both in her confessionals and in conversations with her co-stars. Per Thornton, the mother-daughter relationship has been strained in her adulthood due to her mother’s past addiction issues. Her mother also eight-year prison sentence, leaving Thornton going through the foster care system in her youth. Thankfully, the two are working on a better bond.

Dillard initially did not apologize for the comments she made about Thornton’s mother.

Dillard initially did not apologize for the comments she made about Thornton’s mother. But during the Oct. 17 episode, both women acknowledged their wrongdoings and promised not to hit below the belt moving forward. Unfortunately, the same energy did not translate across social media.

For weeks, the two have traded insults on social media. Dillard continues throwing shots at Thornton’s past as an exotic dancer and claims Thornton was “saved” by her older and wealthier husband. Thornton has accused Dillard of being bratty and jealous of other women on the cast. The reunion special for this season was recently taped, but it’s unclear whether they called another truce.