After four seasons of bickering, it appears that the longstanding feud between Ashley Darby and Candiace Dillard Bassett is over. The truce between The Real Housewives of Potomac stars reportedly went down during the Season 6 reunion. 

Things between the two were always rocky but escalated last season when Darby opted to write a letter of support for Monique Samuels countersuit of Dillard Bassett after the two got into a physical altercation while filming. Dillard Bassett felt Darby was being vindictive by getting involved in the legal drama because of previous negative interactions between her and Darby. Since then, it’s been an ongoing war, with Dillard vowing to never forgive nor forget Darby’s involvement.

Dillard Bassett also says her friendship with Darby began to deteriorate after she joined the cast in Season 3 and watched Darby’s shady confessionals. The “I See You” singer was introduced to viewers as Darby’s friend who she met through the pageant world. But Dillard Bassett told Entertainment Tonight that Darby turned on her almost immediately. 

For Darby, she says Dillard Bassett lacks accountability and has no filter or boundaries in arguments. For example, Darby says Dillard body-shamed her this season after Dillard Bassett called her “wide-bodied” just a month after Darby gave birth. But Dillard stands by her comments and says it’s not body shaming, she was simply gunning for Darby’s appearance as she typically does in verbal wars.

Now, the two may have made peace. Social media users began speculating about the end of the feud after Darby was seen beside someone wearing a shirt for Dillard Bassett’s debut album DEEP SPACE after the reunion taping. You can also hear Dillard Bassett engaging with her in the background. Then there’s also the fact that Darby was with Osefo and Dillard Bassett, as she had feuded with both while on the show.

Osefo shared videos of her with Darby and some other production members and crew celebrating the reunion wrap-up on Instagram.

Check out the clip below: