Peter Thomas is not on RHOA anymore since his divorce from Cynthia Bailey, but he is still causing a lot of drama among the Bravo collective. He recently appeared on RHOP alongside Wendy Osefo as the two were discussing a potential partnership on a Nigerian-themed restaurant and lounge. On a cast trip to Miami thrown by Mia Thorton, things take an ugly turn and she hurls a drink in Osefo’s face. A clip from last week’s episode has many fans believing Thomas may be the cause of the drink toss.

Wendy plans didn't go as expected

Osefo wants to pay homage to her Nigerian culture with a restaurant and lounge. But after her meeting with Thomas and learning that she would have to cough up $300k, she wasn’t sure what to do.

In a teaser for what’s to come, Thornton chats with Thomas before the group heads to his sports bar in Miami. He mentions he has an issue with Osefo.

"I got beef with Wendy," he tells Thornton in a FaceTime call.

According to Thomas, Osefo ghosted him after he sent her a proposed contract for the business. He is also upset that Osefo was in Miami and at his club and didn’t bother to holler at him. The shady former husband even made digs at Osefo’s lack of knowledge of business and her finances.

A preview for next week’s episode shows Thornton’s drink toss, as well as her hitting Osefo with a clutch.

Fans weigh in on Mia throwing a drink on Wendy

Fans aren’t happy about the whole ordeal. But they say Thomas is clearly at the center and have been sharing their thoughts online.