Gizelle Bryant and Monique Samuels don’t have a problem publicly bashing each other amid their ongoing feud.

Though it seemed like The Real Housewives of Potomac co-stars were getting along during Samuel’s final season on the show, their feud was re-ignited after Monique got into a physical altercation with Candiace Dillard.

Since then, Byant and Samuels haven’t been on the best of terms. In fact, their feud recently escalated when Gizelle called out her former co-star during BravoCon, which prompted Samuels to clap back.

Gizelle Bryant alleges she hasn't seen Monique Samuels since they both attended 'The Woman King' premiere.

While attending this year’s BravoCon, Bryant and her fellow RHOP co-stars were asked if any of them still kept in touch with Monique Samuels.

Well, Bryant didn’t hesitate to throw some shade. She alleged that the last time she saw Samuels was at a D.C. event for The Woman King starring Viola Davis.

The reality star went on to claim that Samuels was escorted off the red carpet because she was too close to Bryant and the other housewives.

“Lo and behold, Miss Monique Samuels comes down and she thought she was gonna get on the red carpet and answer some questions. And they escorted her right on off the carpet,” Bryant alleged. “But she’s no longer a housewife, she’s no longer a part of Potomac. I don’t know.”

Ashley Darby, who remains friends with Samuels, defended her. “

“She’s on the radio.” said Darby. “She’s on a very popular radio station…”

But Gizelle wasn’t impressed, “That did not give her the credibility.”

Fans seemed to disagree with Bryant's account of what happened, citing photos from the event.

Samuels clapped back at Bryant on her YouTube channel.

Not long after Gizelle Bryant made her comment about Monique Samuels, the Love & Marriage: DC star responded to her co-star’s commentary while going live with her husband, Chris Samuels.

“I didn’t get escorted off the red carpet,” Samuels said. “I did interviews as well. I was waiting for her neck to get off the red carpet with those big ankles.”

She added, “I think somebody had to escort those cankles off the carpet. So I was waiting for her to dismiss herself so then I could proceed on.”

Samuels then accused Bryant of not staying to watch the movie, “Wrinkle neck didn’t even stay for the movie. She left! So she came there. Got on the red carpet and did whatever she did. Stunk up the whole place with them cankles. And then didn’t even stay for the movie.”

Watch Monique Samuels' YouTube video below: