The Grand Dame of the Housewives is getting her own spinoff special. The Real Housewives of Potomac star Karen Huger is inviting viewers into her life outside of the gated community of Maryland. As fans of the show are aware, Huger comes from a family of farmers and in her spinoff, she’s looking to work with her family on a succession plan for their land.

The spinoff is called ‘Karen’s Grand Dame Reunion’

Huger will showcase her life in Surry County, Virginia in the two-part special that premieres on Sunday, April 17. The show follows the RHOP fan favorite, her husband Ray, and daughter Rayvin as they head to her hometown to reunite with her family, the Woodens.

The two families will uncover revelations about their family lineage, participate in bonding experiences, and reveal the family’s succession plan. As Huger explains in the trailer, “This is a story about family. This is a story about history. This is a story about succession.”

The official description:

Karen Huger is ready to embark on the journey of a lifetime as she ventures back to Surry County, Va., with husband Ray and daughter Rayvin to reunite with her family, the Woodens. This reunion of epic proportions uncovers family lineage revelations, fun bonding experiences and the fate of the family farm succession.

Karen Huger is known as the Grande Dame of Potomac, but she’s also the newly minted ambassador of Surry County and a Wooden. The Woodens have a rich history in Surry County, tracing back to the 1800s. Karen’s ancestors, who were once enslaved, went to great lengths to purchase the farmland that they now own, when many African-Americans worked to rebuild their lives after the Reconstruction Era. The Woodens are a prominent family of Surry County, and Karen plans to celebrate their rich history by planning their first family reunion with Rayvin’s help. But while Karen is busy preparing her return to her rustic roots, her cousins Megan and David approach her with another pressing matter: the succession plan for the Wooden family farm. Karen’s Aunt Val is head of the 82-acre family estate, and Karen’s cousins put her to task to speak with Val about their generational land. With the Grande Dame of Potomac and Val — the Grande Dame of Surry — debating the future of the land, the first priority is family. From the first family reunion, to great escapades outdoors and discovering her family’s history, Karen navigates the complicated waters of family dynamics to find out where the future of her family’s ancestral land lies.

Watch the trailer below:

The two-part special is produced by Truly Original with Steven Weinstock, Glenda Hersh, Lauren Eskelin, Lorraine Haughton-Lawson, Karen Huger, Nora Devin and Camilo Valdes serving as executive producers. Jackie Hebert and Shanta Mayes are as co-executive producers and Andy Cohen also serves as an executive producer.