While Andy Cohen and the rest of the cast of The Real Housewives of Potomac don’t think Candiace Dillard Bassett takes accountability for anything she says on the show or on her social media, the same cannot be said for newbie Mia Thornton. Thornton has been raging on Twitter and Instagram all season long.

Last year, Cohen called Dillard a “disaster” on social media. This year, Cohen passed the torch to Thornton. While Thornton doesn’t remember saying some of the vulgar things she’s said about her castmates, she does express regret and a desire to do better moving forward.

1. Mia Thornton gets confronted about her social media antics

The conversation about Dillard hitting below the belt transitioned when Cohen noted that other cast members are guilty of similar behavior. He says Thornton does the most online.

“I will say, Mia, to you what I said to Candiace last year, which is you have become a disaster on social media,” Cohen told Thornton. “I own it,” Thornton replied. 

According to Thornton, she’s not fully responsible for all of her tweets, explaining that she has a social media manager who handles her accounts. It was difficult for her co-stars to believe such, considering the digs taken online have been a direct response to specific issues Thornton has had with the cast. To a certain extent, Thornton agrees.

“But you blame your social media manager,” Cohen continued. “So do you think your social media strategy is landing for you? Because you’re getting in fights with these guys, you’re getting in fights with [Candiace’s husband] Chris Bassett.” 

She says things will change on her end. “I definitely do think that I was a little bit of a disaster on Twitter,” Thornton admitted. “And I will own it and I am going to do better.” 

2. The cast grills Mia Thornton about her tweets

While cohen may have let Thornton off easily, the rest of the cast did not. They couldn’t let go of the fact that she tried blaming her alleged social media manager for her vicious tweets toward her co-stars.

“So I do have a social media manager, she has access to my account as well,” Thornton said.  Dillard interjected, “Did she block me or did you block me?” 

“Oh you’re blocked? My bad, I don’t pay attention,” Thornton snapped back. “She’s also really close to me and she’s pretty much the same person. We’ve known each other for over 20 years,” she added. 

“This is pathological,” Wendy Osefo interjected and said. “I do own everything that was said,” Thornton added.