When Mia Thornton burst onto the screens of Bravo viewers in Season 6 of The Real Housewives of Potomac, she was an instant favorite. From her open and honest candor about plastic surgery procedures, to the unconventional way she met her husband Gordon, to the personal and sometimes heartbreaking moments shared between her and her mother – the business owner held nothing back. It was a no-brainer that she’d return for a second season. 

She’s back and even more in your face than before. The trailer for season 7 shows her more in her element and situated within the social circle of Potomac. She’s even left her Penthouse in Downtown Baltimore for a mansion in the suburbs living near the Grand Dame of the bunch, Karen Huger.

Shadow and Act Unscripted spoke with Thornton about everything to expect this season. She dished on her health scare, brewing drama with her co-stars, which storylines she’s most interested in seeing, and how the show has helped her build a stronger connection with her mother.

Ahead of the season premiering, Thornton shared via social media that she was dealing with a potential cancer scare. Fans of the show wondered how things would play out in season 7.

I’m OK today. I feel great,” Thornton told us. “I do navigate through my health scare. I’m very open about it. As I was receiving information, I was sharing it, and I’m grateful to have gone through that. But I’m good. I feel good. I feel like I’m finally looking better, and I’m just going back to being MIA. But better now.”

The trailer shows some intense moments between Thornton and some of her co-stars. Last season, she feuded with Candiace Dillard-Bassett and Dr. Wendy Osefo. Her beef with Dillard-Basset resulted in an infamous salad toss fiasco that could’ve turned into a physical altercation.

This time around, her drama with Osefo escalates, with Thornton throwing a drink in her face. She also faces questions from Gizelle Bryant and Robyn Dixon about her health scare. When asked where she currently stands with the ladies, she says it’s up and down.

“It all depends on the day…whichever the wind is blowing,” she joked. “We’re such a good group of friends. There are things that we are irritated by easily because that’s what happens when we start to like people…I think that we navigate through ups and downs the entire season. Everybody does literally. There are some relationships that I love to see that we weren’t able to see last year.”

Outside of her relationships with her co-stars, Thornton has her family to focus on. She’s been married to her husband Gordon for over a decade, and she’s proud to say he’s 30 years her senior.

The mogul also invited viewers into her often the estranged relationship with her mother, who is a recovering addict. She says viewers will see more of her relationship with her mom, and they are in a better place.

“Mom and I are good, and I’m very protective over her because she did share a lot of things that I didn’t even know about,” she explained. “And I found out when you guys found out. So we’ve had to navigate through that. And I’m proud of her. Our relationship is – I feel like I don’t know her. And over the next couple of years, I’m definitely going to get into a space of just wanting to spend more time with her and understand her more and give her a little grace, but still, be true and authentic to how I feel.”

Watch the full interview below: