Fans of The Real Housewives of Potomac are waiting for details of Season 7 to be released. There’s been much concern regarding Candiace Dillard Bassett’s place on the show. Dillard Bassett has denied that she’s been fired from the show. But whether or not she will return has yet to be confirmed.

Candiace Dillard Bassett is reportedly still in negotiations

TV Deets is shutting down speculation that Dillard Bassett was fired. Per the report, everyone from Season 6 has been given contracts and filming is set to begin this month. Several of the cast members however have been spotted out together, leading many to believe filming had already begun. It’s unclear who exactly has signed their contracts as of yet.

Dillard Bassett is reportedly not happy with the initial contract she was offered for this season. With that in mind, negotiations for her contract are still underway. Some speculate she could be asking for more money due to her being a major part of the show. 

She’s previously spoken out about feeling used for a good storyline on the show

Aside from her drama with her co-stars, much of Dillard Bassett’s storyline has centered on her complicated relationship with her mother Dorothy. Dorothy is critical of her son-in-law and has accused him of quitting his job as a chef after they married to manage his wife’s budding music and acting career.

In a recent interview with Angela Yee’s Lip Service podcast, Dillard Bassett spoke of being disappointed in her mother’s antics, especially considering Dorothy often confers with her daughter’s co-stars to trash talk her son–in-law. The “Drive Back” singer feels she is being used for good TV.

“And my mom was always like, ‘We’re not gonna let the show come between us. The show is just the show and we are a family.’ So then for her to do this, it’s like you let the girls basically use you and use us for a storyline, for a moment cause it was talked about for the rest of the season. And it became its own thing,” she said.

Who is returning to the show?

Who is returning has yet to be confirmed but everyone, including newcomer Mia Thronton, have reportedly been offered contracts, but as TV Deets reports, a contract doesn’t necessarily mean full-time housewife. Friend to the show, Askale Davis, and her future on the show is unknown.