The Real Housewives of Potomac star Candiace Dillard Bassett didn’t hold back when discussing her husband Chris Bassett’s “flirtatious” dynamic with fellow RHOP co-star Gizelle Bryant.

In a teaser for season 7 of the Bravo reality series, which premieres on Bravo on Sunday, October 9, Bryant told Candiace that her husband Chris made her “uncomfortable” with his flirty behavior. Later in the clip, Candiace informed Chris that Bryant is dead to her.

During a recent appearance on Carlos King’s “Reality With the King” podcast, Dillard Bassett opened up about her husband’s relationship with Bryant, sharing what she really thinks of their flirty energy.

Candiace Dillard Bassett has a NSFW opinion about Gizelle Bryant.

While appearing on the “Reality With the King” podcast, Dillard Bassett made it clear that her husband’s dynamic with Gizelle Bryant doesn’t threaten her in the slightest.

“Gizelle is very flirty with Chris and Chris flirts back with Gizelle and this happens in front of me,” the reality star said. “It has never given me pause or made me feel threatened in any kind of way because Chris does not want Gizelle’s 50-year-old p—.”

She continued, “Why would he want that when he has this? … This is excess flirtatious energy coming from a woman who doesn’t have that at home. This is just something that she does. Gizelle has a history, and there is a reputation there, of her being fast.”

She went on to call Gizelle  “a beautiful woman,” but then said, “A shell is a shell, OK? And shells often have funky insides.”

Gizelle Bryant recently said that the season 7 drama with Candiace made her "reevaluate the friendship.”

Earlier this week, Bryant sat down with Us Weekly and shared that she didn’t appreciate how her costars handled things after she expressed that Chris Bassett’s flirty behavior made her “uncomfortable.”

“I was very honest and forthcoming about, like, how things made me feel. I just don’t like how it was handled from their perspective,” she said.

The following day, the reality star told  Hollywood Life that the drama made her “reevaluate the friendship” she shared with Dillard Bassett, which the musician fired back at on Twitter.

“Let’s be honest. You are no one’s friend. You come collect a check and go home to those purple walls. The small part of me that DID want to believe weren’t total garbage woke up when you decided to get creative with my husband,” Candiace wrote alongside a screenshot of an excerpt from Gizelle’s interview.

Gizelle hints that there is no rekindling her relationship with Candiace Dillard Bassett

During her interview with Hollywood Life, Bryant was asked if her relationship with her Dillard Bassett is the worst it’s ever been, to which she replied with, “100 percent. Yeah. With no turnaround.”

“[Candiace] didn’t appreciate it or care one way or the other,” she said. “So as a friend of mine, I’m like, ‘wait a minute, I was riding for you’. And she couldn’t care less.”