nullYou can forget that earlier report I wrote last month about ABC's Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts not returninng to the show after medical leave until the middle of the year.

It looks like the network's dream of getting Roberts to return in February will come true, as it was announced yesterday that Roberts will indeed return to GMA next month.

Roberts has officially been given the go-ahead from her doctors to start a "process of re-entry" to the show, over the next few weeks, leading up to her coming back full time sometime next month, though a date has not been announced yet.

This past Monday, Roberts, who took an extended medical leave to treat a rare bood and bone marrow disorder, which entailed her to undergo a bone marrow transplant, appeared on the show in a special pre-recorded interview, signaling her eventual return to the show.

Roberts was quoted as saying that, starting next week, she would begin her re-entry process by coming to the studio and getting dressed, but not actually appearing on the show. She also said that she would begin limited interaction with staff members and fans outside the studio.

The network is also, of course, very anxious to have Roberts back because her popularity would very definitely strengthen the show's current ratings lead over NBC's Today Show, which, until recently, had, for 16 years, been the No. 1 morning show in the ratings.

But in the past few months, the show's ratings have sharply dropped, losing its lead to GMA, especially after the Today's Show's disasterous dumping of co-host Ann Curry, who is currently trying to get out of her NBC contract to join CNN, which wants to sign her up with a rumored prime time show.