nullIrish network RTE’s acclaimed dramatic gangland series Love/Hate is coming to the U.K. on Channel 5, and it stars Robert Sheehan (Misfits), Ruth Negga (Misfits, World War Z), and Aiden Gillen (The Wire, Game Of Thrones).

is a drama series from RTE set in Dublin’s gangland. When a
catastrophic event ignites the tensions in a small-time drug gang,
friends and community
must live with the impact. Starring Aidan Gillen, Robert Sheehan, Ruth
Bradley, Ruth Negga and Brian Gleeson.

I’ve seen it.  Trust me– it’s worth watching if you like violent gangland shows that have a bit of romance sprinkled in.  Readers may remember Negga and Sheehan previously worked together on the E4 series Misfits, and in the stage production Playboy Of The Western World.  In Love/Hate, they play a formerly romantic couple caught up in the drama of an Irish gang’s ruthless ways.

Love/Hate was acquired by Channel 5 in an exclusive deal with ITV Studios Global Entertainment.  It will air Wednesday, July 24, @9PM.

U.S. readers shouldn’t fret, though, as Love/Hate is already available to us on Hulu.