Season 15 of RuPaul’s Drag Race has been full of shocking twists so far, and last week’s shocker proved that no one really knows what Mama Ru has up her sleeves.

The episode saw the remaining queens going head-to-head as they performed back-to-back lip-syncs for this season’s Lip Sync LaLaPaRuZa Smackdown.

The queens pulled out all of the stops to stay in the competition, leaving Anetra and Jax going against each other in the end.

Performing “Finally” by CeCe Peniston, the two queens kicked, flipped, split, twirled and shook their bodies until RuPaul told Anetra to stay and Jax to sashay away.

While speaking with Shadow and Act Unscripted, Jax opened up about the LaLaPaRuZa Smackdown, sharing that they were excited going into this challenge.

“Oh, I was, I was simply like, yes, Finally something that I am good at, something I can have fun with. You know, it’s been like a few weeks of like acting challenges and stuff that I’m not that comfortable with,” Jax said. “So just being able to like go out there and have a fun time on stage. I was really looking forward to it.”

Jax then remembered that her close friend season 14 queen Jasmine Kennedie’s LaLaPaRuZa experience was far from a walk in the park, which made Jax a little nervous going into the challenge.

“But then also at the same time, you know, I am like, good, good friends with Jasmine Kennedie. That is my sister,” Jax said. “We did brunches together in the city. So in the back of my head, I’m just like, ‘oh no.'”

Jax, however, gave 110% to the lip-syncs she performed. When asked how she remembers lyrics on top of nailing her acrobatic dance moves, Jax says having a background in cheerleading helps.

“You know, in cheerleading music, we like have our moments where we like charge [to] the front of the stage and we have to like have big facial expressions and know words for those parts,” she said. “So I am pretty quick at remembering big hit moments of songs and then being able to like fill in with that as I practice it more and more.”

Speaking of that shocking twist at the end when Anetra chose to spare Spice from elimination, Jax revealed which of her fellow queens she would have chosen to save if her name was picked instead of Anetra’s.

“I feel like personally, I would have I probably would have saved Anetra simply because worked together and of her track record,” Jax shared. “She’s the one where I was like, OK like she deserves to keep like going on, like she should be saved. So I personally would have saved her, but I also fully understand her mindset of like…. we just wanna battle, we just wanna have like, we just wanna go out lip sinking and doing what we do.”

In the end, Jax was sent home after giving her all during last round.

Though her time on Drag Race ended, Jax told us about their big plans and goals for moving forward.

“You know, I just want to continue doing what I’m doing — traveling, performing, being in every possible space, and seeing where that carries me. But also just like really getting into event production and working on bigger things than just like a typical show,” Jax explained.

“I am really drawn to the theatricality of drag as well as like the performance aspect,” the drag queen shared. “So I want to find a way to just make every, every performance feel like a music video and feel like it has that aspect of just like a full storyline to it, whether that’s just like doing big production shows or if it’s like doing more film and photo.”

Jax continued, “I went to the School of Visual Arts for photography and cinema and that’s actually how I started drag. So just getting back into that and heightening everything from there. There are just so many different things I want to do. I never want to settle. I want to do everything.”

RuPaul’s Drag Race airs Fridays at 8/7c on MTV.