The cast for season 3 (or series 3 as they call it across the pond) of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK has been announced, but Season 3 runner-up Tayce has some choice words for the production regarding diversity.

As several fans have already noted on social media, the upcoming season of Drag Race UK isn’t as diverse as it could be. Seeing how the series is about to be three seasons in, fans are wondering when UK branch of Drag Race will start seeing some of the same type of racial diversity other series have had. Tayce also feels like the production could have searched harder for a more diverse cast.

“Congrats to all the s3 SLAGS! I’m so proud to see so many familiar faces and excited to get to know the unfamiliar,” she wrote on Twitter. “With that being said, I’m a little taken aback by the lack of diveristy that’s been [cast], especially as I personally know so many incredible POC, trans, & afab performers. Hopefully things will improve and for now I wish nothing but the best for the s3 girls. You deserve all the love today, this is your moment LIVE IT UP hounds and [f—] it up ALWAYS.”

As the current reigning UK queen, Tayce’s words definitely have a lot of weight and fans are congratulating her for standing up for non-white queens.

“Thank [you] for mentioning the lack of diversity as it’s something we were all thinking,” wrote one commenter. “The cast looks great though and I can’t wait to watch the season!!”

“So disappointing, especially with [drag queen] Freida Slaves as a highly rumored queen going into the season,” wrote another. “Hopefully next time.”

Another fan added that other POC queens, including Black Peppa and Cara Melle could have also been added. “So many queens and such wasted potential,” they wrote.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK will air later this year on WOW Presents Plus for non-UK viewers and BBC Three for all the UK huns.