The trailer for the upcoming short Dear Brodie, from Russell Westbrook’s Honor The Gift, has been released.

Westbrook stars in the project, written and directed by Dennis Williams from Campsight Studios and Zero World Media Productions. It follows a young Westbrook and honors childhood. The film also features Angela Lewis.

Per the description:

The film, starring a young version of Westbrook and the basketball icon and businessman himself, is inspired by the innocence of childhood and the beauty of harnessing that in adulthood. Brodie (Russell Westbrook) is the focal point of the film, shown through his father’s eyes as he moves from boy to man, never losing sight of who he wants to be. Within this journey, he references and never forgets the kid that inspired him to reach his highest potential. The film, narrated by Brodie’s dad, creates a time capsule for adult Brodie and the most significant moments in life inclusive of his ‘graduations’: reflections of his dad, former babysitter, and neighbor – pivotal role models which guide him to always remember the moments that made him the bold man he is today.

Watch the trailer below:

Along with the trailer’s release, Honor The Gift has introduced the “District” collection for Fall 2022. It is inspired by Unified School Districts of the City of Angels and commemorates Westbrook’s first two collections.