Sanaa Lathan

And understandably so… just look at the picture 🙂

Sanaa Lathan has joined the cast of the Starz drama series Boss (which stars Kelsey Grammer as ruthless Chicago mayor Tom Kane) in a regular role to start during the second season of the show.

Ms Lathan will play a character named Mona, Mayor Kane’s "incorruptible new chief of staff, who becomes an obsession for him," as Deadline describes it.

We haven't seen a lot of Sanaa on screen lately it seems (whether TV or film), and that's unfortunate. She has a relatively minor role in Contagion, and has been the voice of Donna Tubbs on the Family Guy animated TV series.

So I'd guess this is a welcomed opportunity for her.

I've actually never watched an episode of Boss, so can't offer any commentary on it. Grammer did just win a Golden Globe for his work in it, so that should count for something. I'll see about catching up with the series before Sanaa jumps in.

Sanaa will next be seen alongside Forest Whitaker and Anthony Mackie in the Voodoo thriller Vipaka, though I'm not certain where that currently stands.