Screening at the upcoming Seattle International Film Festival, which gets underway on the 19th of this month is a seemingly quiet, minimalist, moody, realist drama titled Do You See Colors When You Close Your Eye, written and directed by Caleb and Joshua Young.

The film’s story goes… Two years after the death of Jonathan, Michael (his twin) and Christian (his fiance) steal his urn and take a road trip to scatter Jon’s ashes. On this trip, the two begin an affair in an attempt to understand a part of Jonathan they never knew before.

Sage Price stars as Jonathat/Michael, and Sean Frazier plays Christian.

According to the film’s website, it was shot in just 7 1/2 days, in late June 2010, on a very low budget, though no specific number is given. But, as I started off saying, it appears to work, given its minimalist, realist look and feel.

One review I read, written by writer who’d attended a private screening of the film last fall, was very positive, stating, “This is a multi-layered jewel that will have you seeing colors far beyond those spots you see when you close your eyes. To start with, it is a love story. Christian loves Jonathon. Jonathon dies. Christian convinces Jonathon’s twin Michael to scatter Jonathon’s ashes on a road trip. Christian is so obsessed by his love for Jonathon that he transfers his affections to the rather reluctant Michael. It thereby becomes a love triangle in which one of the participants is dead. That makes the story both original and riveting. Then there is the cinematography. That, too, is a love story. Cameron Currier, Chris Koser, and Caleb Young have captured the essence of the Northwest in a montage of stunning images that perfectly complement the story without overwhelming it. That’s not an easy thing to do given the power of the story and the power of the scenery.

It appears this festival will be the film’s worldwide debut screening.

Watch the trailer below: