If you live in Madison, Mississippi, or anywhere close to that city, AND you’d like to get an early look at what will likely be one of the more polarizing films this year, The Help, AND you’ve got the money to spend, you’re in luck, because the first public screening of the film will be held on Saturday, July 30th at the Malco Grandview, 221 Grandview Boulevard, Madison, Mississippi. The rest of us won’t get to see it until August 10.

The screening is a fundraiser for Baptist Town Community Development Inc in its ongoing effort to revitalize the historic 100-year old African American neighborhood located in Greenwood, Mississippi, where parts of The Help take place.

The planned community center will include a reading and writing program, music, arts, film and theatre workshops, a computer lab and more, available to all residents.

So, you’ll also be contributing to a good cause, right?

Some stars of the film will attend the screening, although no word on who exactly will be there.

Ticket prices range from $100 just to watch the movie to $500 for what they’re calling the Director’s Package, which includes the following:

– a private theater screening of The Help with the stars of the movie – Saturday, July 30th, 1:30 pm
– cocktails and refreshments during the movie
– a private reception following the screening hosted by Governor and Mrs. Haley Barbour and honoring the stars of the film – Saturday, July 30th, 5:30 pm
– a “The Help” limited edition commemorative poster.

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