Sherri Shepherd is gearing up for the debut of her new daytime talk show in place of Wendy Williams.

Williams’ fans are supportive but want to hear from the queen of media. Unfortunately, Shepherd has not spoken to Williams either but does welcome her as a guest on her show when it premieres. Williams has only spoken on social media.

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She is grateful for the platform Wendy Williams provided and is supportive of Williams’ future comeback

Shepherd couldn’t be more excited that her show Sherri will be debuting this Fall. She reigned in ratings over all of the other guest hosts and instantly became a fan favorite because of her comedy style and her unique takes on hot topics. 

But she doesn’t forget to give Williams her props. She recently told Deadline that she wouldn’t have this opportunity without the foundation that Williams set. 

“I’m so thankful to Wendy for letting me fill in for her and letting me fill the gap to support her as all the other co-hosts have also done,” she said. “I’m thankful because if it wasn’t for Wendy, the eyes wouldn’t have been on me. I’m so thankful to her. We’re all praying for her.”

Sherri Shepherd says she has not spoken to Wendy Williams

Williams has not spoken directly to the media since her hiatus began last fall. She even created a separate Instagram account from the show ahead of the announcement that Shepherd would be replacing her. Shepherd said that she hasn’t had any contact with Williams.

“No, [I have not spoken to Wendy personally],” she said. “It’s not like everybody thinks that in Hollywood, we all have each other’s phone numbers. Wendy knows me because I’ve sat in as a guest and I guest hosted for her two years ago. So it’s not like she doesn’t know me but we’re not friends. I am glad that she trusted me when they asked if I could come in and trusted that I could do it.”