nullOfficially titled "Star Trek Beyond," co-writer (and co-star) Simon Pegg essentially confirms past rumors that Idris Elba will appear in the next movie, which is currently being written, with an eye towards a summer shoot, for a 2016 release.

When asked whether Elba would indeed be in "Beyond," Pegg, speaking to MTV in a taped interview at the ongoing CinemaCon event (embedded below), said he’s writing what will be an original character, not from the existing "Star Trek" universe that we’re all already familiar with, and that he believes Elba will indeed be in the film: "Idris is an extraordinary actor and we’re trying to write him a kick-ass role,” Pegg added.

Pegg did also suggest that the ultimate decision on whether Elba’s character will be included in the film by the time filming starts, isn’t his to make; but he’s definitely writing a part for the actor.

Let’s hope that it is definitely as "kick-ass" as Pegg says he wants it to be, and hopefully isn’t the expected Klingon. 

Watch the interview below: