Every time we've written about this flick, the comment sections of each post have been very active – most of you thrashing it, even though none of us has actually seen it yet.

I'm curious enough to check it out, especially as it was recommended by trusted sources; but I haven't seen it, so I'm just as in the dark as the rest of you are.

If you HAVE seen it, please do share your thoughts.

Indie distribution company Screen Media Films acquired the film for distribution, as announced some months ago, and it made its theatrical premiere in NYC on April 20th at the reRun Gastropub Theater. I couldn't attend that screening.

A quick recap…

Exec-produced by Michael K. Williams, and directed by Damon Russell from a script penned by Chris Knittel and Curtis SnowSnow On Tha Bluff's synopsis reads:

After a dope deal gone wrong, Atlanta street thug Curtis Snow starts filming his everyday life with a stolen camera. The footage he captures depicts the grittiness of his life on the harsh city streets where anything goes. Brutal and unforgettable, Snow on tha Bluff, is the most authentic look at life on the streets ever captured.

The question of course being whether any of what you see is real-life, as in a documentary or docu-drama, or whether it's a *fake*, or a mockumentary in the same mold as those Hollywood hoax flicks like Paranormal Activity and The Last Exorcism

Again… I dunno… I haven't seen it. And I've stayed away from reading any reviews of it.

But you'll get your shot to check it out for yourselves if you like, as it'll be released on home video 2 weeks from now, June 19th

Speaking of Michael K. Williams (his first executive producer effort via his Freedom Productions company)… he's been actively pushing the film lately, especially on Twitter; he even created a promo video which I embedded below.

Also, a new trailer for the film has been cut, which is far less incendiary than the previous trailer which you all saw, and debated. The new trailer is also embedded below.

The DVD cover art is also below.

Snow On Tha Bluff premiered at last year's Slamdance Film Festival, and later screened at the Atlanta Film Festival, where it was reported that some audience members were unsure of the authenticity of a scene in which a kid puts his hands into a pile of cocaine with a razor blade in it, causing a bit of a public raucus, which lead to a police investigation.

Or was that report also a *fake* and a marketing ploy by the filmmakers?

Find out in 2 weeks. 

In the meantime, watch the new trailer and Michael K. Williams promo below::