No doubt many of you are anxious to see how she does in the movie; having seen the film, I can tell you that’s there’s good news and bad news.

First the good news:

She doesn’t get killed off (YAY!); and considering the budget of the film, repotedly $300 million, no doubt she got paid a hell of lot more than she did in the $6.6 million Jumping the Broom.

The bad news is that, not surprisingly, she’s not in it much. Just in a few scenes set in a top secret government lab for maybe less than ten minutes total, and she does get knocked around a bit by the villian in the movie. But she’s saved by the Green Lantern. Though, to me, in a rather undignified way; and after that, she disappears from the film for good after being swept away (You’ll have to see the film to see what I mean).

However in Blake Lively’s case, when she’s in danger, gets saved very heroically by the Green Lantern. She sure doesn’t get tossed aside like the sister.

Now I can hear some of you now: “There he goes again being all super senstiive and stuff”. Sorry folks, but I call ’em like I see ’em.. So there