The stars of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series are looking forward to what’s to come in season 3!

While recently speaking with Shadow and Act, stars Sofia Wylie (Gina) and Dara Reneé opened up about the upcoming season, expressing the enjoyment they felt filming as well as their excitement for fans to see season 3.

Both actresses are ‘excited’ for fans to see their characters’ journeys in season 3.

“I was definitely excited to see what happens with Gina’s relationships because we ended off season 2 with that kind of cliffhanger between her and E.J. So now going into season 3, we’ve seen from the trailer that they are a couple. They are together,” Wylie shared. “[Gina’s] experiencing this whole new environment being at camp for the first time having a real solid friendship for the first year….new boyfriends….I think just the newness of her and her interactions with the world this season is really interesting.”

Similar to Wylie, Reneé is also excited for fans to see the personal development that her character Courtney experiences in season 3.

“I was really excited to see how she comes along on her own. I know in season 2, she was in love. And so this season, I feel like I was able to pin back many layers of her through vulnerability,” the actress said. “She was also struggling with anxiety and also just adding that comedy tough because Courtney does not do the forest or nature. So it was very fun to do and to experiment.”

The actors found it ‘refreshing’ to have new additions, especially Corbin Bleu, on set for the upcoming season.

Like fans, Sofia and Dara were over the moon when they learned that OG High School Musical star was joining the season 3 cast.

Both gushed over his presence on set, sharing how much fun it was to work alongside him.

“I have been a fan of Corbin Bleu since I was five. So seeing him up close was wild,” Reneé said. “But he was the best person for the job. I mean, he nurtured us. He was like our older brother giving us advice, telling us things to look out for and things to expect. He was amazing.”

Wylie added, “I think having all the additions that we did this season was so refreshing, just so many new faces. Corbin specifically has always been supportive of the show even before he was on it this season. To work with him closely and get to know him as so much fun. He’s so wonderful, so kind, and so talented. We’re all lucky to have him.”

Watch the full interview below: