nullIt’s a seemingly intriguing (at least based on available info) feature project I’m learning about today, which my research tells me was actually 1 of 15 projects selected for the 9th edition of the Cannes L’Atelier’s in 2013 – an initiative whose goal is to provide directors and their producers the opportunity to meet potential international producing and financing partners during the Cannes Film Festival.

So it’s already on its journey towards completion – a journey that it started 2 years ago (at least).

Titled "Days of Cannibalism," the South African-produced film comes from writer/director Teboho Edkins – a project in which Edkins plans to combine a mix of fiction and documentary-style filmmaking to tell a story that will focus on the increasingly more important trade relations between China and African countries – certainly a topic that’s been addressed by a number of films we’ve covered on this blog – like the feature documentary "When China met Africa."

But Edkins’ project sounds more ambitious in scope. "Days of Cannibalism" is further described as a triptych Western set in contemporary continental Africa, where, first, the threat is in the business of globalized trade in China, but, secondly, also within a band of smugglers in Lesotho, who play cards in a local bar named "Days of Cannibalism," and, third, in the violence of a cattle raid deep in the high mountains of Lesotho. The filmmaker employs these 3 connected stories as the cinematic tableau on which he’ll explore the Sino-African relationship today – the power structure, and those who are affected by it.

And with a title like "Days of Cannibalism," combined with such a potentially explosive subject, and the filmmaker’s proposed mixed style, the project definitely has my attention, and has been added to my watch-list.

"Days of Cannibalism" was also selected from a record 399 entries to receive grants from Rotterdam’s IFFR fund 2 years ago, to assist with script development, production, post-production, and distribution.

Nothing to look at yet.

Stay tuned…