In our endless discussion about Tarantino’s Django Unchained , a few commenters have mentioned the film Goodbye Uncle Tom (AKA Addio Zio Tom).

For those of you unaware, the 1971 Italian film by Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi was a pseudo-documentary, using actors to re-create the horrors of slavery in the deep South.

The filmmakers were notorious during the 1960’s for their “Mondo” series of films, such as Mondo Cane (A HUGE inde success back in 1962), Mondo Candido, and Africa Addio, which were all hard core exploitation documentaries, basically displaying every kind of sadism and depravity imaginable (And remember this was back before the ratings system).

Goodbye Uncle Tom did play briefly in some urban theaters in the early 70’s, but in a shortened version in the U.S., for fear that black people would rise up, go bat-shit crazy and start riots. Didn’t really help. Black people still got very ANGRY when they saw the film, and, not surprisingly, the film was quickly pulled from distribution. But it has gained a genuine cult following since then.

And if you want to see the entire 124-minute original version, leave it to us to present it to you. You can watch it right here. Be forewarned – it’s not pleasant stuff. But then again, how could it be?