The 200th episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race saw the remaining season 15 queens participating in a good, old-fashioned ball.

The queens were tasked to showcase not one, not two, but three distinct looks — a racing suit, an outfit inspired by one of the past ball challenges, and a crystallized look they had to make from scratch in the workroom — for the show’s first-ever Crystal Ball.

Though many queens delivered sickening category looks, Salina EsTitties and Spice fell short — finding themselves in the bottom two.

After lip-syncing for their lives to Lil Nas X’s “That’s What I Want,” RuPaul told Salina to stay and Spice to sashay away.

While speaking with Shadow and Act Unscripted following her elimination, Spice shared that she was honored to have gone home during the 200th episode, saying she went out with a “bang.”

“Like if we’re gonna go home, let’s go all out on the 200th episode, baby,” she said.

One great thing that came out of Salina sending Spice home packing is that the Long Island, NY native could finally reunite with her sister Sugar, who was eliminated in the fourth episode.

Following Sugar’s elimination, Spice said she experienced “a lot of emotions.”

“Of course, I was sad that she wasn’t there and I was bitter. I was like, ‘she should be here over some of these flops,’ that sounds bad,” Spice joked. “But yeah, I think I was very sad about it.”

But despite her sadness, giving up wasn’t an option.

“Eventually I was like, ‘well we can’t change anything,'” Spice continued. “So the only thing that we can do is have fun and attempt to slay so that I did.”

Although she walked into the competition with one sister, Spice is leaving with 14 new ones, which is something she didn’t initially expect.

“Like me and Sugar didn’t have [many] drag friends. So I was hoping to come out of it with at least one true friend. So it’s like, if we could get one friend out of this, that would be amazing,” Spice explained. “But yeah, especially it was a shock because they really came for our throats in the beginning. So the fact that we all are such a family now and stay in touch, it really is so special.”

As for what’s next for herself and Sugar, Spice says that she and her sister aren’t done showcasing their special bond.

“Of course, we have separate aspirations to do things and we will, but at the main of it all, we realized that we’re better together,” Spice said. “We’re more powerful together and we love doing it together. That’s why it was so established.”

She continued, “One of the reasons why I love doing drag is because it’s our special little bond that we have together. So, we’re just excited to keep doing what we’re doing and take it to the next level. I always say in a world of so many drag queens, if you could have a gimmick — if you could have more of that and stand out by being a twin or being a triplet or whatever the hell it may be for you, I say stick with it.”