SpikeLee & 40Acres&AMuleFilmworks r honored 2 announce that RED HOOK SUMMER has been officially invited 2 b in the 2012 SundanceFilmFestival

Words tweeted by Mr Spike Lee just minutes ago. Spike alerted his followers to a 4PM announcement he said he'd make on Twitter, though he didn't say what. I saw that message, and immediately figured it would be something film related – whether his Oldboy adaptation, or Red Hook Summer

Turns out it had to do with the latter! 

I'm assuming he accepted the invite from Sundance 🙂

I was actually having second thoughts about going to the festival next month, partly because it's an expensive trip to make, and I hate being buried in snow and freezing cold for all those days (hey Mr Redford, ever consider moving the festival to, say, San Diego, CA? No? Ok, just thought I'd ask :)). But Spike's news just might push me over the fence and get me there, if only for the first few days.

Very little is known about Red Hook Summer, from rumors that it might be a sequel of sorts to his 1989 seminal film, Do The Right Thing, which Spike eventually negated, and that Spike would be reprising the role he played in that movie, that and the story takes place in Brooklyn during the summe.

Spike cleared up the confusion for us, saying that it's a brand-spanking new Spike Lee Joint… Yo!

Though today's announcement came with an official synopsis which reads:

A young Atlanta boy spends his summer in Brooklyn with his grandfather, who he's never seen before.

And an official cast list which looks like this:

Clarke Peters, Jules Brown, Toni Lysaith, James Ransone, Thomas Jefferson Byrd.

And I'm definitely curious to see what exactly he's been cooking up.

The film is scheduled for a 2012 theatrical release… according to Spike… on Twitter.

But it looks like Sundance 2012 will be its official debut, screening out of competition I presume.