Spike Lee is launching a new groundbreaking NFT project that will feature unique stills of the original sneakerhead played by Lee himself, Mars Blackmon from She’s Gotta Have It. Lee has complete ownership and control over the rights to the film, which in 2019 was selected to be preserved by the Library of Congress. The collection will consist of 3,945 NFTs and will feature original frames from the film. Tré Seals and Adrian Franks will collaborate with some exclusive artwork for the collection.

The Visible Project, a new-age democratized content incubator, will release the collection of Spike Lee NFTs.

The partnership will create a new mechanism for filmmakers and brands to enter into Web3.

Spike Lee will serve as the Chairman of The Visible Project and the partnership will build towards and culminate in a festival that will celebrate all the content made during the year that will feature films, art, speakers, and musical performances.

The Visible Project will also be listening to creative pitches in the coming weeks. The pitches that get submitted will be viewed by Lee himself then selected projects will be voted on by the NFT holders Winning pitches will receive direct funding, and production expertise, and be featured on the token-gated Visible Portal followed by a public release of the project to. The opportunity will provide mentorship from Spike Lee and other major creatives involved in the project.

Eliot Greene commented on the partnership with Spike Lee, stating,

Eliot Greene commented on the partnership with Spike Lee, stating, “We are proud to partner with Spike and build on his legacy of disrupting conventional models and empowering the next generation of storytellers.  This revolutionary collection and initiative will create value at the intersection of web3 and traditional entertainment. The Visible Project represents a new kind of creative ecosystem, where collectors will own a piece of cinema history and play a meaningful role in the future of film. Working proactively with the team at ICM Partners and other industry experts, we believe this initiative will serve as a model for content initiatives of the future.”

Alexander Gorgi of The VIsible Project added: “Our goal at Habitat Labs and The Visible Project is to build a world where all artists, brands and storytellers who wish to participate in the world of Web3 can seamlessly do so. Through our technology and advisory services, we provide our partners and clients with the resources they need to cultivate community, tell their stories, and inspire generations to come.”  

Spike Lee himself commented saying, “U Slow U Blow. U Snooze U Lose.”

According to the press release:

The Visible Project is the world’s first democratized content incubator, powered by NFTs from legendary creators. The Visible Project was built by artists, filmmakers, blockchain developers, students, former entertainment industry operators, and you, the community of emerging storytellers, producers, and fans of independent film. The Visible Project was created to elevate storytellers from around the world, and to give our community a meaningful role in the independent film ecosystem by financing and promoting films & tv pilots from emerging creators. Leveraging the proceeds of NFTs from legendary filmmakers, we will use web3 and the power of community to reshape the future of film and TV development.