Editor’s note: This piece may contain unintended spoilers about Biosphere

This year’s surprise special presentation at the Toronto International Film Festival was Biosphere, a film that audiences went into not knowing much about. Described as being “set in the not-too-distant future,” it follows “the last two men on Earth as they adapt and evolve to save humanity.”

Outside of that, we can’t get into any sort of spoilers to ruin plot twists or to spoil any of the things happening in the movie, because objectively speaking– it’s nothing that you could predict or imagine. But, it does touch on the ideas of survival, relationships and existential questions that surround them.

Starring Sterling K. Brown and Mark Duplass, the film is the directorial debut of producer Mel Eslyn and is produced by Duplass Brothers Productions.

Mark Duplass co-wrote the film and its producers include Zackary Drucker, Eslyn, Maddie Buis and Shuli Harel.

“I think for me, my personal manifestation and desire is to love without limits,” Brown said when talking about the film at its TIFF World Premiere at the Princess of Wales theater. “I come from a very conservative place in St. Louis, Missouri where growing up in the ’80s, homophobia is sort of the default way of being, even to the point where you don’t realize you’re being homophobic when using certain words. I think I’ve been blessed enough in this path [that] I’ve chosen to be taken out of where I grew up and recognizing humanity in many forms. I believe this film’s message is important because so many people still think that humanity can only be recognized in very particular forms that they are familiar with.”

He also talked about a sentiment with this film that also may be tied to his most recent project that bowed, 'Honk for Jesus. Save Your Soul.'

“Often I grew up with this idea in the church that you love the sinner but hate the sin,” Brown said. “And to that extent–how does that individual feel? They still feel as if you’re keeping them at arms length. I just want to love people, man. That’s what I loved about this script.”

Biosphere premiered at the Toronto Film Festival on Sept. 10 and at the time of publishing is awaiting distribution.