Steve Harvey has now sounded off on Mo’Nique‘s rants against D.L. Hughley.

During a Memorial Day weekend comedy show at the Fox Theater in Detroit, Mo’Nique used up a portion of her time on stage to lambast Hughley and to claim that he didn’t want Mo’Nique to be the headliner.

During Mo'Nique's rant, she invoked the names of her current sworn enemies, Oprah, Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey, the latter of whom had considered Mo'Nique a sister in the industry.

However, once Harvey had Mo’Nique on his former talk show three years ago in an attempt to hash out her grievances, Mo’Nique eventually began to feel like Harvey was an enemy as well for suggesting that she let her grudges go and play by the rules of Hollywood to succeed.

"Let me just open by saying I could care less...about what you think about me because clearly I'm not your problem," Harvey said on his radio show. " And anyone who knows me, who really knows me, can't even make that statement. You're trying to sound profound now? But really, girl..."

He also talked about how difficult it must have been for Hughley to go on after Mo’Nique figuratively torched him on the stage.

"The sad part is, he's headlining the show, he comes on next," he said. "That's really crazy, and...I don't even do stand up anymore, but ...I always understood the mission, and the mission is to entertain the audience that's pays you money. First of all, no one [in the audience] knew anything about this contract. Nobody."

“…Here’s what I bet you happened. Her management, whoever he is, simply stated, I got this gig, you’re co-headlining. I promise you that’s what as told…and that was incorrect information,” he continued.

Listen to the full conversation in the video below (skip to around 30:00).