Steve Harvey may be the king of daytime talk shows and games shows but he’ll always be a family man first and foremost. He doesn’t shy away from showcasing Kodak family moments. The holiday season has been no different as Harvey showed off his family Christmas portraits. 

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Steve Harvey’s holiday flicks

The Harvey’s did what most of the world did this year and opted for comfortability. They all donned matching silky red PJs for the occasion.

In photos posted on Marjorie Harvey’s account, Steve’s longtime wife, the family looked happy in their matching pajamas. The photos showed the family as they sat on a couch beside the Christmas tree in their red silky pajamas. “Merry Christmas,” she captioned the post.


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In another photo, they faced the wall and showed off their names embroidered on their pajama tops.

Other photos posted show them outside with Marjorie feeding the reindeers. The Harvey’s also got to sit in Santa’s sleigh as the reindeer fed on some hay in the backyard. 

In previous photos, Marjorie showed off the decorating process for this Christmas season. One post showcased movers putting up the family’s massive tree. There’s also a post of the popular elf on the shelf.