nullShame director Steve McQueen is not happy wth the Oscars voters and in particular the fact that lead actor Michael Fassbender was not nominated for his lead role in the film. But McQueen says that because we're scaredy cats (But of course don't we all know that?)

According to McQueen: "In America they're too afraid of sex, that's why he wasn't nominated. if you look at the Best Actor list, you're saying 'Michael Fassbender isn't on the list'?'

And he went on "It's kind of crazy, but that's how it is. It's an American award, so let them have it."

Actually it was pretty obvious that Fassbender was never going to get an nomination from the beginning because of the controversial nature of the movie. .And if there's one thing Oscar voters DON'T like it's controversy.  

I mean we're prudes here unlike them sex orgy luvin' furriners.

(Pardon me while I move to France)