We covered this film enough that I'm sure every single one of you has either already seen it, or at least is familiar with it that I don't think an introduction is necessary at this point. 

If you've had your head in the sand, or with equanimity, in the clouds, just search the site for the myriad of Shame posts over the last 12 months and catch up.

For the rest of you, especially those who haven't seen it yet, and who are curious, you'll be glad to know that Steve McQueen's polarizing sophomore effort, Shame, is now on DVD/Blu-ray for rent/purchase; I also noticed that it's available in digital format as well – specifically, you can purchase and watch it right now via Amazon (instead of having to wait to get your disc in the mail, or going to pick it up from Best Buy).

At the top of the food chain is the Blu-ray Combo Pack which features a premium high definition Blu-ray loaded with special features, a DVD version of the film and Digital Copy. Get a behind-the-scenes look at McQueen’s vision with exclusive extras and featurettes like The Story of Shame; A Shared Vision; Fox Movie Channel Presents: In Character With Michael Fassbender; and more.

Cost: anywhere from $22 to $30 depending on where you look.